Community Advisory Board

Klint Jaramillo

Klint (he, him, his) is a social justice educator and student affairs professional currently serving as Director of the LGBT Resource Center at UC San Francisco. Previously, he served as Associate Director of the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity at UC Santa Barbara.  

Spencer Ruelos

Spencer (he, him, his) is a queer gamer and geeky academic who specializes in queer theory and technology studies. Spencer received his MA in Sexuality Studies from SFSU. He is currently a PhD candidate at UC Irvine. Spencer likes long weekend hikes, (re)playing Pokémon and Legend of Zelda, singing in his car, and taking afternoon naps with his cat.

Alex Medina

Alex (he, him, his) is a digital health strategist with 10 years of experience in sexual health education for youth. He currently serves as Communication Manager at the California School-Based Health Alliance. A Jersey boy through and through, Alex loves video games, dancing, and exploring the Bay Area.  

Rob Yaeger

Rob (he, him, his) has worked in the HIV/STD prevention and sexual health field for over 20 years as an educator, trainer, and contract manager. He has worked at community-based HIV/AIDS service organizations and State Health departments. His experience in Bi activism, the Trans community, disability access rights, and stand-up comedy have served him well in all of these endeavors. After a lifetime of shivering and shoveling in New England and Minnesota, Rob and his dog are happy to have recently moved to snow-less Oakland. 

Patric Prado

Patric Prado (he, him, his) is a Public Health Informatician focused on global HIV/Tb work. When he's not traveling for work, he enjoys spending his time around POC queers and food. He hopes to get involved in more domestic HIV studies and work.  

Denmark Diaz

Denmark (he, him, his) is a Men’s Health Educator for the Health Promotion & Wellness unit at San Francisco State University. His work focuses on promoting healthy masculinity and collaborating with different campus entities to prevent sexual violence in the SF State community. Denmark is an ardent lover of cat Vines, French Fries, and Shoegaze.

Study Team

Colleen Hoff

Colleen (she, her, hers) is a Co-Principal Investigator of the Together Study and the Director of the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS). In her spare time Colleen loves hanging out with her dogs and having some white wine.

Lynae Darbes

Lynae (she, her, hers) is a Co-Principal Investigator of the Together Study and an associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. 

Dee Chakravarty

Dee (she, her, hers) is the statistician, programmer and data manager for the Together study. For over a decade, she has been a contributor to HIV prevention research on gay male couples, along with other members of this study team. She was part of the two longitudinal Gay Couples Studies, the You and Me study, and (e)PRIDE. She also works on research studies at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF. In addition to gay couples, her HIV research also focuses on transgender women. Dee considers herself an eternal student, fascinated by and learning from life in all its multi-hued splendor.

Tor Neilands

Tor (he, him, his) is the project’s statistical and methodological co-investigator. He previously worked as a statistical consultant at UT Austin before coming to UCSF’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. There he directs the research methods core, co-directs a training program, and provides biostatistical support to projects. Tor has been a part of the gay couples research group since 2002. In this spare time he enjoys spending time with his spouse and dog in the redwoods.

Cameron Michels

 Cameron (she, her, hers) is the Study Director of the Together Study. She is a graduate of the Sexuality Studies MA program at SFSU and has worked as a research assistant on The Generations Study, the Our Stories Study, and Project Wameru. Cameron is focused on LGBTQ rights and health. She is also passionate about reproductive justice and is a practical support volunteer for ACCESS. Cameron loves cats, watching sports, and reading fiction.    

Jae Cripe

 Jae Cripe (he, him, his) is the Lead Research Assistant for the Together Study. He worked previously with the Our Stories Study and has worked in LGBTQ sexual health education and advocacy for the past 7 years. He is a nature enthusiast and enjoys biking and hanging out with animals. 

Crystal Madriles

 Crystal (she, her, hers) is a research assistant with the Together Study. She is a San Diego native who made her way to the Bay Area to successfully obtain her MA from San Francisco State University’s, Sexuality Studies program. Her research there focused on Latina transgender women and resilience. Crystal has a passion for all things intersectional, including folks of color, race, gender, and sexuality. On her time off she enjoys cuddling with her cat, taking naps, eating flaming hot Cheetos, and watching supernatural shows that are actually not that scary. 

Nate O'Brien

Nate (he, him, his) is a Research Assistant for the Together Study. He is currently obtaining a MA in the Sexuality Studies program at San Francisco State University. Nate has experience working with at risk youth and plans to get into advocacy or nonprofit work upon graduation. He is a huge movie buff and new to the West Coast and Bay Area. 

Tavi C.

 Tavi (They/She/He are all acceptable) is the Lead Recruiter for the Together Study at CREGS.   As a member of the queer and genderqueer communities, Tavi is deeply committed to the mental and physical well being of their extended LGBTQIA family. Tavi is half way through a Counseling Masters program at SFSU, is committed to social and environmental justice, is a lover of the outdoors, and has a passion for live theater. They are also an exuberant extrovert who loves meeting new folks on the job and getting to talk about the important work being done at the Together Study!  

Alicia Jimenez

Alicia (she, her, hers) is a recruiter and interventionist with the Together Study. You'll probably see her out and about letting couples know of the study!  Previously, she has volunteered at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco and with [[Ssex Bbox]] International. She is deeply committed to LGBTQ rights. In her spare time, she's a reality TV junkie and enjoys cooking and spending time with her cat. 

Darin Witkovic

Darin Witkovic (he, him, his) is an interventionist with the Together Study. Darin is currently a Ph.D. student at Palo Alto University and serves as a research assistant in PAU’s Personality and Social Norms Research Lab. His research focuses on LGBTQ psychology, including issues relating to intersectionality, substance use behaviors, sexual racism, and HIV/AIDS prevention. Darin received his Master’s in Counseling from Loyola Marymount University. He has previously worked at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Heads Up Research Lab at Loyola Marymount University. He is conversational in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and previously taught English in public elementary schools in Japan. 

Michelle Segura

Michelle (she, her, hers) is an interventionist for the Together Study. She is also an associate at a sensory deprivation center in Oakland. She previously worked as a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism and a Substitute Teacher with at-risk children and youth. Michelle was a nutritional consultant in the health food industry for over 5 years. Her undergrad research explored the toxic effects of traditional masculinity in heterosexual relationships and its role in the underreporting of male child sexual abuse. She is a photographer, mother to many plants, and loves to have a good laugh.  

Kenna Cook

Kenna (she, her, hers) is an interventionist for the Together Study. She is a sex educator and pleasure professional in Sacramento, focusing on inclusive and accurate sex education for the LGBTQ community. She is a pop culture nerd and a super fan of Rupaul's Drag Race, trying to catch up on episodes between raising her two rad sons with her partner.

Avry Schellenbach

Avry (she, her, hers) is an interventionist for the Together Study. She works as a Health Educator with the nonprofit Health Connected, where she teaches comprehensive sexuality and relationship education to 5th-12th graders. Over the past five years, she has facilitated workshops on sexuality, pleasure, body image, fat positivity, and consent throughout the Bay Area. She loves rock climbing and doing acroyoga with her partner.  

Past Members

Thank you to our previous team members who helped make the Together Study possible:

James Lykens, Alé Vazquez, Colin Fyfe, Allan Flores, Cilantro Flores.